Mentors and Advisors for NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad

Thank you to our team of mentors and advisors who generously volunteer their time to support the NYU ITP LaunchPad teams and offer expert advice, coaching, insight, and connections:

Mentors will coach individual teams throughout the semester:

Chris Milne, IDEO
Julie Berkun Fajgenbaum, Stern
Michael Levitz, R/GA
Sarah Krasley, Autodesk
Tom Igoe, ITP

Advisors provide their expertise and serve to strengthen the NYC startup ecosystem by connecting student teams as they engage in customer development:

Adam Quinton, ASTIA Angel Network
Ajay Revels, Polite Machines
Andy Weissman, Union Square Ventures
Anthony Viviano, Lean UX Advocate
Ben Cerveny, Advisorsphere (west coast)
Britta Riley, Windowfarms
Carrie Barnes, Elise Communications
Christin Roman, UX Designer
Frank Rimalovski, NYU
Jennifer Hill, International Tech Venture Lawyer
Jess Eddy, UX Designer
John Bachir, Medstro
Lindsey Marshall, NYU
Matt Harrigan, ESPN
Matt Jones, Google
Nihal Parthasarathi, CourseHorse
Phoebe Espiritu, TechStars
Phin Barnes, First Round Capital
Robert Fabricant, frog design
Summer Bedard, Betaworks
Tarikh Korula,
Thomas Gerhardt, Studio Neat
Valerie Casey, Samsung Accelerator (west coast)
Vlad Vukicevic, RocketHub

Syllabus LeanLaunchPad at NYU ITP

Syllabus For Lean Launchpad at NYU ITP

Instructors: Jen van der Meer, Josh Knowles
Days and Times: Mondays, 6:00 PM-8:55 PM
Location: ITP NYU 721 Broadway at Waverly, 4th Floor Room A/B
Text: Business Model Generation

We embrace a creative, iterative, and collaborative approach to making things — but launching a product out into the world takes a somewhat different set of skills. How does one make sure people want to use what they make? How does one create a business plan to support the idea? Is the idea strong enough to turn into a job — or a career? Enter Lean LaunchPad, at NYU ITP – the experiential course in entrepreneurship.

Based on the Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad and the NYU Summer LaunchPad Accelerator, we are applying the curriculum developed at Stanford and Berkeley for the NYU community. This course has been developed with support from the NYU Entrepreneurship Initiative, and aims at mixing the best of the methods from the Lean LaunchPad methodology with the best of ITP’s methods. Over the spring semester, student teams participate in an iterative approach to startup development, a combination of business model design + customer development + agile development.

Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Generation is used as the basic framework for business model development, and we utilize UX methods and tools to ground students in an understanding of how to successfully move through the early stages of product development. Students work in self-formed teams of 3-4 to develop their business model and product/service over the course of the semester. The primary focus of the course is the work of customer development, speaking directly to potential customer to help define opportunities that the startup is designed to solve, and early stage product development. The ITP curriculum will augment the LeanLaunchpad method with additional approaches from design thinking, UX, and ethnography to accelerate the understanding of both explicit pain points and more latent or hidden challenges that people face, in their jobs and their lives.

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