Lean LaunchPad Class 4 NYU ITP

This week: Guest Speaker Phoebe Espiritu from TechStars, and our Mentors.

Here is this week’s lecture/workshop on revenue and distribution. We are glad to have incredible variety in direct vs. indirect, web vs. mobile vs. google glass distribution.

For next week: What experiments will you run to test your revenue strategy?

Watch Lecture Customer Relationships—take the quiz

Watch Lecture Partners
Read: Business Model Generation 180-225
Talk to 5 or more customers face-to-face, Survey Monkey if relevant. Post discovery narratives
· Cover slide
· Latest version Business Model Canvas with changes marked
· Updates to Market size (TAM, SAM, Target Market)
· Results of last week’s experiments. What passed, what failed, what did you learn?
· Proposals for next week’s experiments. What constitutes a pass/fail signal for each

Lean LaunchPad NYU ITP Class 2: Value Propositions and Pain

We covered the Value Proposition, and pain-driven design, and with additional design research and lean ux approaches to get underneath stated, easy-to-find pain points.

Thanks Tarikh Korula for telling us the story of Seen.co.

For next week:

Watch the Customer Segments lecture.

Read Business Model Generation, 126-145.

Read The Founder’s Dilemma (HBR) and optional – The Founder’s Dilemma Noam Wasserman (Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast)

The Lean UX Manifesto by Anthony Viviano

Post discovery narratives on your team blog.

How to format for next week – and this is critical to ensure that your team can cover what you need to cover in the 5 minutes.

  • Cover slide WITH YOUR NAMES and your quick description.
  • What hypotheses related to your value proposition and segments did you test last week. What did you validate. What did you invalidate. Who did you talk to in order to validate these hypotheses.
  • Share the Latest version Business Model Canvas with changes marked
  • Share any updates to your Market size (TAM, SAM, Target Market)
  • Propose experiments to test your customer segments. What constitutes a pass/fail signal for each test?

Links for further understanding:

Value Proposition Canvas: Business Model Generation

Legal Zoom Kauffman Foundation Startup Environment Index 2012

Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights: Steve Portigal

Universal Methods of Design: Bella Harrington, Bruce Hanington.

DSchool Bootcamp Bootleg

And this just in from Ash Maurya: How to Interview Your Users and Get Useful Feedback