How to Apply for Lean at ITP Spring Semester 2015

You are hear perhaps because you are attending the info session, or heard how great this class was last year and just learned you actually have to apply.


We want motivated team members that genuinely want to understand what entrepreneurship is all about, and may even be interested in launching their concept as a business.

We are curating for diverse ideas, backgrounds and skillsets.

Form into teams (3-4)

Agree on an initial subject area or a more detailed concept

Assure your team has the ability to make an MVP (developers, designers not just networkers)

Complete the slides:

Idea/subject area

Team composition

Business model canvas v 1.0

Optional links to sketch, rendering, video, prototype

How to apply:

Develop a presentation to apply using this template here.

Save, and send to Jen van der Meer: jd1159 at nyu dot edu by 12/5/2015.

You’ll then be invited to a pitch day and you’ll hear before the end of enrollment/advisement.

Lean at ITP – Spring 2015

Apply as a team, launch an MVP in one semester.

NYU ITP is offering for the second time a for-credit Lean class designed to get your team to a minimum viable product launch within one semester. This course is open to all enrolled NYU students, and you are invited to join a team or submit a team for consideration. We embrace a creative, iterative, and collaborative approach to making things: software, hardware, and things in between.

Our method: we offer equal parts Lean Startup/Lean LaunchPad methodology, with a hands-on approach to learning user experience design (even if you have only sketched wireframes in your mind before taking the class). We have re-designed the course for Spring 2015 to get you to value proposition fit by the end of the semester. The course is taught by adjuncts Josh Knolwes and Jen van der Meer, and is supported by a tremendous network of mentors and advisors who are actively involved in the class.

2014 Syllabus

2014 Mentors and Advisors

Course text: Business Model Generation

How to apply:

Come to the Lean at ITP Team Building Info Session:

Saturday, November 15, 2015 at 3:00

We’ll introduce you to likeminded entrepreneurial teams who are forming to apply for the course, and give you an overview of the lean method as it has been adapted for ITP, and the mentors, and advisors signing up for the spring semester. We recommend team members with core skills of entrepreneurship and making including design, code/engineering, ethnography, and customer development/networking.  Come if you are an individual looking to join a team, or you have a fully developed team and are curious about how the course will be structured.

Apply as a Team by December 5, 2015


  •      An initial concept, well articulated
  •      At least three team members
  •      At least one team member with “making” skills – design, code, engineering, hardware (related to the concept)

Remember to Sign up for the NOVEMBER 15TH Info Session (Required):

Team Interview Day for consideration: Scheduled before December 19, 2015

Teams will be invited to present concepts and participate in an interview with the course instructors and mentors. We will curate a mix of concepts and teams for maximum diversity of ideas, skills, and collaborative team member experiences.

Contact Jen van der Meer – to for questions about how to apply, or watch for updates on the class blog.