How to Apply for Lean at ITP Spring Semester 2015

You are hear perhaps because you are attending the info session, or heard how great this class was last year and just learned you actually have to apply.


We want motivated team members that genuinely want to understand what entrepreneurship is all about, and may even be interested in launching their concept as a business.

We are curating for diverse ideas, backgrounds and skillsets.

Form into teams (3-4)

Agree on an initial subject area or a more detailed concept

Assure your team has the ability to make an MVP (developers, designers not just networkers)

Complete the slides:

Idea/subject area

Team composition

Business model canvas v 1.0

Optional links to sketch, rendering, video, prototype

How to apply:

Develop a presentation to apply using this template here.

Save, and send to Jen van der Meer: jd1159 at nyu dot edu by 12/5/2015.

You’ll then be invited to a pitch day and you’ll hear before the end of enrollment/advisement.


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