Lean at NYU ITP Class 1 February 2, 2015

Once again, we repeat our Lean experiment at ITP.

Here is our first week presentation of the basics and background for Lean, and our particular brand of Lean we run at ITP. This year our shift is to get more agile, and to get to MVP and beyond.

Next week:

Alexandar Osterwalder on Business Model Canvas Video

Or go see him live and in person at the Leslie Center eLab on Thursday!

Read: Business Model Generation pp. 14-49.

Video Lecture: Value Proposition

Talk to at least 5 potential customers. Post first discovery narratives on your team blog.

Prepare a presentation – guidelines below:
· Cover slide
· Latest version Business Model Canvas with changes marked
· Market size (TAM, SAM, Target Market)
Total addressable: how big is the universe
Served available market: how many can I reach with my sales channel?
Target market: who will be the most likely buyers?
· Propose experiments to test your value proposition. What constitutes a pass/fail signal for each

See you next week.


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