Lean ITP Class 6: Revenue, Not-For and For Profit models

Thanks to our guest speaker Alex Herrity – who showed how far you can come in one year from NYU to finding our team to acquihire to starting again. A great class discussion on how to think about the Apple Watch introduction. ITP folks are hesitant about the Apple Watch – it’s not designed for a student’s lifestyle, it’s considered a bit to upper income and therefore not entirely relevant for the age target most are typically aiming for. Lean teachers and advisors are more likely to get the Watch as some have already designed Apps for the Watch interface, and others are curious to think about this new interaction paradigm.

Alex’s approach is convincing: you have to believe that a wearable idea will work, you might as well experiment with something as large scale as the Watch.

Also last night we covered not for profit, for profit, and scaling goals and we’ve learned that we have 3 C-Corps and 1 B Corp in class this year.

More on B-Corp here.

For next week and the next five weeks: Your team has 5 weeks to get to MVP. Please schedule time with Josh, who will help you with your Agile process and who has offered many times and who can consult on the iOS app builds.

Next week we’ll focus on UX process and design.

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