How is Hardware Different

Because we’re at ITP, we’ve seen a mix of web and app companies along with hardware companies, and we always feel we need to give extra love to the hardware team. Hardware is, well, harder. But potentially less hard, according to Scott Miller from Dragon Innovation and Bolt Ventures, who visited the Lean at ITP class on April 13.

We know Scott is a trusted source of hardware knowledge because his first boss at Disney was ITP’s Eric Rosenthal, and because he’s been super helpful in the class.

While most of the projects that are potential companies are in the sub-5,000 range of product development – this does not mean that it gets easier or that you shouldn’t think through scale issues as you test business model assumptions. Scott’s team works with a number of crowdfunded companies who simply fail to raise the right amount of capital in order to actually ship their product – and his team is able to grade the readiness of a project.

Scott has also started a seed investment fund – Bolt Ventures – to stimulate early stage startup formation in hardware.

Dragon Innovations has a treasure trove of hardware advice – how to pick a factory, how to manage costs, and a course on Design for Manufacture.

Dragon DFM Course (Injection Molding, etc)

  • Dragon Blog(How to Pick a Factory, etc).
  • Dragon Presentations (How to manage cost, quality, schedule, etc)
  • Dragon Hardware Grader(A great way for companies to get feedback on the readiness of their products)